Activities of “INTERBROD”

  1. Negotiation of the new, repair and services
  2. Consulting, engineering and technical supervision of the execution of new works and maintenance in shipyards for owners of ships
  3. Production of design documentation for new, repairs and reconstruction ships
  4. Carrying out activities related to oversight of the register in the name of the owner of the ship
  5. Procurement of equipment and material for making boats and equipment
  6. The involvement of ship building workers and maintaining expertise of the new ships and repair
  7. Organizing and engagement of companies for cleaning and anticorrosion protection of ship
  8. Organization of transport and coating vessels
  9. Organizing excavation of sand and gravel, as well as cleaning and mud cleaning from bottom underwater parts
  10. Organizing take out of flooded objects and hiring diving teams for works under the water (gas cutting under the water)
  11. Organization for loading and unloading as well as lifting and turning construction with mobile crane
  12. Negotiation in contracting purchases and sales of existing ships and vessels
  13. Review and evaluation of existing ships and vessels
  14. Training staff of ship building